Naousa town Paros GreeceNaousa town Paros Greece

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  • Tripadvisor has identified the top off-the-radar destinations travelers are hoping to visit post-pandemic as part its 2020 Travelers’ Choice Awards.
  • Compiled based on traveler reviews and the amount of travelers who “saved” each destination for future reference, the list highlights destinations across the globe.
  • From an idyllic resort town off the coast of Albania to one of England’s oldest communities, here are the top 15 emerging destinations travelers have their eyes on.
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9. La Paz, Mexico

La Paz, Mexico - 2020 Travelers Choice Awards

Courtesy Tripadvisor

In a nutshell: Baja California Sur’s capital city known for its old-world charm, waterfront promenade, art and restaurants 

Top attractions: Balandra Beach, Malecon shopping street, Tecolote Beach

Source: Tripadvisor

4. Luxor, Egypt

Nile River Luxor


In a nutshell: Home to the infamous Valley of the Kings where Egyptian pharaohs were entombed for centuries

Top attractions: Valley of the Kings, Temple of Karnak, Luxor Temple

Tripadvisor editor’s note: “Our list was compiled before political unrest prompted many countries to issue travel warnings for Egypt. If you’re currently planning a trip to Egypt, please consider the risks and monitor your government’s travel alerts.”

Source: Tripadvisor

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